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thumb|300px|right|I watched this movie some 2 decades ago. The message is the same.

Welcome to the Letuscreategod Wiki

Whether there is god there is none, these pages shall lead an advocacy that will ask for the creation of one god. The theme of this page is simple...

Let us create god according to our image.

Ayan, mali-mali na tuloy pati grammar ko.

"Withoutl Him, I feel His arms around me

And when I loose my way I close my eyes and He has found me."

The capitalization of the pronound "Him" is deliberate intending to pertain to God.

"I love him but when the night is over, He is gone... The river's just a river.

Without Him the world around me changes, the trees are bare and everywhere the streets are full of strangers."

"...all my life, I've only been pretenting... without me this world will go on turning

a world that's full of happiness that I have never known."


eh kasi nga I keep making believe I AM AGNOSTIC.

thumb|300px|right|"On my own, pretending He's beside me" HEY GOD, GOD... I WISH YOU HEAR ME. THIS ONE'S FOR YOU. A SONG I SING AND SHOUT FOR YOU. HOW I DREAM FOR YOU "And I know its only in my mind that I'm talking to myself and not to Him"

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